August MMLBRC: New York Yankees

On the first Monday of each month we roll out our Monthly MLB Report Card (forever to be known as MMLBRC) for the Mets, Phillies and Yankees. We’ll still check in from time to time with short posts to quickly take the pulse of each team, but think of the MMLBRC as an in depth physical (anal probing not included). Truthfully, a month is probably too small of a sample size to make overarching claims like we will attempt to, but dammit, you want content! So rather than write well-reasoned quarterly updates, we’ll make rash decisions based on far too little data. Last up: Joe Girardi’s Yankees.

We’re going to make this quick, as your fearless bloggers have prior engagements to attend this evening. We saved the Yanks for last because, oddly, they are the steadiest of the three teams we cover. They’re right where they should be, probably even a little ahead of schedule given what’s befallen them thus far.

The only difference between this squad and former incantations of the late-charging Bombers is this year’s version has done it with pitching. Should Phil Hughes round back into form down the stretch the rotation is scary-good, and that’s without counting on Chien Ming Wang. Despite an offensive drop off from years past, the 2008 Yankees are actually in better position should they reach October because of the improved pitching from the rotation and the bullpen.

A quick word on Brian Cashman’s maneuvering before the deadline. The deal with the Pirates was a sweet one for New York, as we’ve said. But, the Ivan Rodriguez trade while much ballyhooed, won’t make much of a difference at this point in the season. At this point in his career, Pudge is only slightly better than Jose Molina at the dish and comparable behind it. While we weren’t completely sold on Kyle Farnsworth even after his brief success, dealing him for a player that’s virtually the same as Molina doesn’t make that much sense. The bullpen is still in fine shape with the quintet of Ramirez/Robertson/Marte/Veres/Rivera, but the Yanks would have been better served dealing for a better hitting catcher. But, hey, at least Pudge has had success at the Stadium already.

That’s it for this installment of MMLBRC sports fans, but be sure to stay with TGE as the pennant races heat up, and the pigskin season draws near.


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