About TGE

First things first: who are you guys?
We’re an odd duo of sports fans. Steve (steveo21) is from New York, and Kevin (PhillyFriar) is from Philadelphia, and as you may have noticed, the teams from those two cities are rivals in pretty much every sport. Somehow we’ve managed to coexist and even start this blog, where we’ll have some not so subtle back-and-forth about the teams from these two great cities.

So what’s with the “PC twist”?
It’s the only team we share in common: our alma mater, Providence College. We’ll constantly disagree on Mets/Phillies, Knicks/Sixers, Giants/Eagles, etc., but we’re of pretty much the same opinion regarding Providence College sports… that opinion being, well, generally a pessimistic one. If you notice the header to our site, it features the skyline of Providence separating the two opposing cities. It’s a poor attempt at symbolism, to be sure, but even a lame reason is a reason.

By the way… is that Eaton, as in Adam Eaton? Why would you name your site after a shitty pitcher?
An excellent question. The site is not named after Adam Eaton, the scourge of the Phillies’ rotation (as much as Steve would have appreciated that), but rather scenic Eaton Street that traverses Providence College’s campus. It’s also a poorly-conceived pun of “eating,” i.e. the process of shoving food into one’s mouth. Philly has its cheesesteaks, New York has its pizza, and Providence has its buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese on the side, so we thought it might be appropriate. We’ll aim to make a bad joke regarding food every once in a while, but other than that, I wouldn’t overthink the blog title too much.

What can I expect from this site?
Lots of hard-hitting journalism; in fact, if I were you, I’d bookmark this as my home page because all the biggest sports stories will break here long before ESPN gets ahold of them.
In all seriousness, we want to provide you with a combination of opinion and analysis regarding the teams from these three cities (with the exception of the Providence Bruins because, unfortunately, we don’t know a damn thing about them). We hope to give you a fresh perspective, and we welcome any input that helps us achieve that end.  What we’re not is a blog that will update five times a day with every little tidbit of news.  While we encourage you to check back frequently for posts, we’d encourage you to visit the following blogs for more up-to-the-minute updates:

Providence: Black Padres
Eagles: Bleeding Green Nation
Phillies: Phillies Nation
Sixers: Depressed Fan
Giants: Giants101
Jets: JetsBlog
Mets: MetsBlog
Yankees: River Ave. Blues
Knicks: KnickerBlogger

Why are you making up stats like OPS, EqA, and ERA+?
Well, we’re not actually making them up. In our baseball posts, we may from time to time refer to stats other than, say, batting average and home runs. There’s a number of newfangled stat categories that are more accurate indicators than some of the more traditional stat categories. Instead of defining them ourselves, we’ll refer you to the Glossary of Terms over at Fire Joe Morgan, since we couldn’t really do a better job than that.

You guys are dead wrong about, well, everything. Where can I write you an email to tell you that?
Hit us up at themsgoodeaton@gmail.com.


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