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TGE’s 2008 NFL Preview

In our extensive 2008 NFL Preview, we pick every division, the playoffs, MVP and Rookies of the Year. But, reader beware: we’re not buying the chic media picks.

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Play ball!

TGE’s 2008 MLB Preview

After an excruciatingly long dose of spring training games and debating rosters, we finally get some meaningful on-field action tonight. With the season opening stateside tonight and tomorrow, we thought we’d go on record with our picks for the 2008 season.

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A bunch of soccer-playing SoB’s

Courtesy of Sons of Ben

We know what you must be thinking: “A hockey post followed by a soccer post? Seriously?” Or maybe: “Two Sports Hodgepodge posts in three days? What the hell’s the matter with you guys?”

Don’t fret, people… we’ll get back on track with good ol’ foos-ball and baseball shortly (there’s some things brewing with the Eagles, which we promise we’ll get to soon). But we did feel the recent MLS decision to award a franchise to Philadelphia in 2010 merited a mention.

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Brett Favre quits…from hijacking the Packers


I know what you’re saying – “Look up, steveo21, you idiot. This is a blog devoted to ‘Philly/New York sports with a PC twist'”. But, you know what, this whole situation really ticks me off, even if it doesn’t involve one of my teams, so please indulge me while I examine/vent about how Favre handled his retirement over the last three years.

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