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August MMLBRC: New York Yankees

On the first Monday of each month we roll out our Monthly MLB Report Card (forever to be known as MMLBRC) for the Mets, Phillies and Yankees. We’ll still check in from time to time with short posts to quickly take the pulse of each team, but think of the MMLBRC as an in depth physical (anal probing not included). Truthfully, a month is probably too small of a sample size to make overarching claims like we will attempt to, but dammit, you want content! So rather than write well-reasoned quarterly updates, we’ll make rash decisions based on far too little data. Last up: Joe Girardi’s Yankees.

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Checking in on the Phils and New York’s better team

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

Sorry, Mets fans, but I had to get that shot in. Anyway, the Phils and Yanks clashed twice this weekend, with George Steinbrenner’s crew winning 9-3 on Saturday and the game ending in a 7-7 tie on Sunday (click here for Sunday’s highlights, including an incredible catch by Greg Golson).

We haven’t yet checked in on the Yankees in spring training, but their issues are similar to those of their weekend opponent: pitching, pitching, and pitching.

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